October 28th, 2014 (part two)

mutant-wolf2: I’m a beginner at learning tarot (loving it, btw) and was looking at the many spreads I have in my computer for one that deals with careers/jobs, and it turns out I don’t know any. Do you have a spread that you like or would recommend? Thank you!

ragabashwitch: I don’t have any that I use personally… yet. I did some digging around and found some things that might be able to help.

The Symphony Of Success Tarot Spread  Can easily be tailored to ask it about a career.

Financial Planning And Success Tarot Spread Usually questions of jobs/career involve money questions… so here’s a good one for that.

Which job should you choose?

6 Card Career Spread

In general, my first instinct would be to think of all the questions I have about my career/job. This way it’s tailored just to me, and I can ask all the important questions I’ve been wanting to know answers to. Then I’d think of a the way I want to lay it out, based on the questions relations to each other. Financial issues I’d want to put further away from creative choices, for instance, because while they do have something to do with each other… I don’t want one influencing the other. But you may want want them to influence each other… see how it might be more effective to craft your own!

Now, all that being said… I’d be happy to help you craft one, if you have more specifics about what kinds of questions you have. Is it worries about your career, feeling lost in your job, what kind of job would better suit you? Let me know! 🙂

mutant-wolf2: I asked a friend if I could practice reading for her and one of the topics she gave me was toward her general career, but I also think she’s feeling a little lost.

Thanks for the spreads.  I found a few of those last night and a few others during my search, but none of them really spark me.  I was thinking of possibly making a four or five card spread.

Card One could be you in general.
Card Two could be your current job or how you feel about your current job.
Card Three could be what you want to be doing.
Card Four could be how to get there or what’s blocking you from getting there.

I guess you could break up Cards Two and Four and make it a six card spread.

ragabashwitch: I would definitely break cards two and four up. Maybe rework card 2’s first question to: what is my ideal job? Then the second question flows a little nicer. (maybe it’s just me.)

I think those are good/solid questions, and will be better tailored to your friend’s situation than a stock spread. Know what I mean?

mutant-wolf2: Oohhh. Yeah. I gotcha. Okay, I’ll try that. Thanks so much for your help!


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