“Red Light, Green Light” Divination Exercise

This exercise provides a fun and spontaneous way that can help you develop your intuition while providing you with a unique way to divine.

What you need:
–an open mind
–a list of yes and no questions

The Exercise:

1. First, you need a clear picture of a traffic light your mind’s eye. Watch the lights switch from red to green. Once you feel comfortable with that image, you can ask any question you wish.

2. Imagine the traffic light. Picturing the red light indicates “no” and the green light indicates “yes.”

3. Is this job the right one for me? Am I currently making good decisions for myself? Does my child need a different learning environment?

4. Ask yourself questions or make statements that have true/false or yes/no answers, and notice, in your mind’s eye, what color the stoplight turns after each statement. Start by simply saying your name. Then call yourself by a different name and watch in your mind’s eye to see if the colors change.

5. After you have asked the questions and are focusing on your mind’s eye, watch to see which light comes on.

6. It’s very important to let go of all control and outcome on which light is shown to you. You must assume the position of being shown versus manipulating the traffic light into the answer you want.


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